Steven Layton was born and raised in a Raymond, Alberta, Canada. It was always apparent to others, even before Steven knew it, that he was highly into the arts. Throughout his school years Steven was involved in drawing, singing, acting, choreographing, dance, and music, but it wasn’t until he bought his first pro camera that his true talents began to shine. Almost immediately after diving into the photography field, his photos were published commercially for a project in 2010. Steven has prided himself in the ability to take photos of a small town that show off its natural beauty through his artistic view. With a little bit of edge, and his love for lighting, he creates photos that the public adores. His love for photography extends from nature photography to portraits and weddings. It is his personal preference to not to pose his subjects, but rather to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where he can capture natural, real happiness on print. For more information, please check out his website and the testimonials others have shared about their experiences with him.